Girl I've had a crush on for a year told me she likes my roommate?

So this girl I've been into for a long time now told me when we were still kinda getting to know each other (about 2 months into knowing each other) she told me if she wasn't dating her boyfriend she would want to date me. This was great news for me because I was super into this girl. Now here we are 13 months later and she and her boyfriend have been broken up for a few weeks. I'm trying to give her space while being there for her as a friend putting aside my feeling so I can help her as best I can. The other night we were hanging out with some friends. It was me, my buddy, her and my roommate. My roommate and her knew each other from high school and I met my roommate last year and we became really close friends because we are crazy alike and decided to room together. While we were hanging out we all got pretty drunk I was talking to her out in the hall because my roommate hd a girl he had been hooking up with come hang out for a. It and I could see this made the girl I'm into upset. So I talked to her about it and she told me she has a thing for my roommate. This absolutely crushed me. It been killing me ever since. Also before she told me I told my roommate of my feelings for her and he was super supportive. But this news of her thing for him was a heartbreaker. Is she really into my roommate or is this just an issue if her getting over her boyfriend she dated for two years? Do I still have a chance? I'm not bad looking and neither is my roommate.
Also worth mentioning after our freshman year she moved schools to be close to her now ex and since the start of the year and continuing even through tonight she's always tells me how much she misses me. She also said she started coming to terms with her breakup a couple months before hand because it was declining so it's been not as rough.
Girl I've had a crush on for a year told me she likes my roommate?
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