Is he over her?

I've just returned home after seeing my long distance boyfriend. I'm 18 and he's 27. We met on an online game last year and grew really close this summer. We've spoken online for several hours every single day since July and met in person for the first time in October. He broke up with his girlfriend a couple of weeks before we met. I was worried because he was with her for a long time and she's closer to his age, but he said he'd been unhappy with her for a long time and fell out of love.

Saturday we arranged to go out with one of his friends who I also know from the online game we play together. My boyfriend asked me to text his friend to let him know he was running late, so I grabbed his phone and did so. I was so upset and shocked at what I saw...

His ex girlfriends name was high in his list of text messages. I knew they were still talking — my boyfriend made me aware of this and said she's been having a hard time with the break up. I panicked and clicked her name and saw my boyfriend had sent her loads of texts without a response from her. The last message she sent to him was 3 weeks ago. She told him she couldn't be friends with him because she loved him too much but told him not to worry and that she just wanted him to be happy even if it couldn't be with her. He has sent her like 5 text messages since with no response from her... He was saying he hoped she was okay, that he really missed her and their time together, talking with her and hanging out with her, and that she was an incredible person to him and always will be.

I didn't tell him I saw the messages as it's inappropriate I looked and I just want to pretend I never did... It was so hard being around him the rest of the weekend, but we've been talking online all day together and he seems happy and so am I. What he said to his ex is still in the back of my mind though and it's bothering me. I'm shocked because he seems so happy with me and I thought he was totally over her. What do you guys think?
Is he over her?
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