After first date stress--thoughts?

Little confused here. I went on a first date on Friday with a guy I met through a mutual friend. We had a great time on the date went dancing until 2am and he walked me home kissed me at the door. Whole date he was mentioning things we could do together. Next day he texts me thanks for coming i had a good time. He then said he wanted to join me in a boxing class the next day and asked if I were free for brunch after. I said sure.

I also get a text from the mutual friend that he asked her if I said good things about the date. Morning rolls around for brunch and he cancels for work. Next day he texts asking how it was / how the rest of the weekend was. This was three days ago and we haven't talked since.

This upcoming weekend we have a party that our mutual friend is throwing and we both said we were going. He had said on the date you and your friends should come over before. But now I'm feeling weird. Is this guy just trying to be polite but not actually interested? I feel he was taking initiative but since he cancelled he needs to make plans not just small talk.
After first date stress--thoughts?
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