Am I too attractive for them?

I joined this one dating site a little while ago just so that I can see what I can find because I haven't had much luck with the males that I know in person. My type of guy is an average looking guy who is very funny, outgoing and easy to get along with. I'm not saying I'm drop dead gorgeous or anything, but I have been told by a lot of people that I am beautiful, pretty and over all attractive. I have gotten messages from "attractive" guys off of this dating site, but no response back from hardly any of the average looking guys. I don't understand why and it's confusing me. The only reason I even go after average looking guys is because that's what appeals to me, they usually aren't superficial, they don't care what people think about them and they're just normal. Do you think the reason why they don't respond is because they're intimidated by my looks? Which would be weird because I don't see myself as anything above them and even though others say I'm attractive, I think I'm pretty average.
Am I too attractive for them?
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