Girls please help this guy out no bs?

Long story short

She was 18 and i was 21. She was a senior in hs and i was just a normal guy working at a store. Well needless to say we dated a whole year with no sex since she wanted nothing serious and said she wanted to stay a virgin. I highly respected that/her and we kept dating. Soon she had to leave to college and we broke up. I'd then see pics of her dirty dancing/drinking etc. A year later she calls me and said if was down to get food. I was skeptical and confused because it's been so long since we hung out but i said yeah sure. Well we hung out and we began to kiss and etc. I said where were we as in relationship wise? and she said she wanted to be friends. I then asked if she dated anyone out there while out in college? and she said yes nothing serious. I wanted to know if she had slept with anyone and i wasn't her plan B plate. Instead of me directly asking her if she had sex i asked "HOW FAR DID YOU GET IN THE DATES?". She wouldn't answer it. Instead she began to walk faster and ignoring me. I was so pissed that i all on my own admitted i slept with a girl which is true. She got pissed and said "JUST ONE GIRL THATS IT?". She then continued to yap and said to never bother her again. It's been almost a year and just last night she saw me in the mall parking lot and flicked me off and sped off.

Still till this day i have no answer on wtf happened. Do you think she slept around or no she didn't and i just ruined my chances on getting her back?
Girls please help this guy out no bs?
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