Why is she not returning my calls/texts after everything seemed to be going really well after the second date?

We've been talking for a a little over a week at this point, lengthy 5 hour conversations on the phone and 2 dates that lasted all night and both ending with passionate kissing. Our second date was Friday and as I got home, she texted me goodnight. We were also supposed to go out the following night...per her asking (we went on our second date one day earlier but decided to keep the original one the following day). Well, she texts me around 2pm on Saturday and says she's not sure about later because she was tired from having worked...Then that she is deciding to stay home with her kid because she didn't see much of them lately. Next day, she didn't text me first as she usually does ...So I send her a text and I get a brief response...Then I respond to her question and get no response, texted her again today and still no response.

Things were going really well and I did not expect this to happen whatsoever. Do I assume something could have happened to her (Phone shut off? emergency? nervous breakdown?), or she went back to the last guy she was dating? Should I seek closure or just write her off? I hate not getting closure...any ideas?


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  • Well for a start don't assume something's happened to her. Assume the obvious - she doesn't want to answer you.

    But why? Well there could be many reasons. The most obvious one would be that the dates didn't go as well as you think they did, despite ending in kissing. The other obvious answer is that you guys are communicating way too much. It's smothering the relationship before it's even started. 5 hour conversations with some chick you met in the last week? Jesus.

    Now I want you to stop messaging and start calling this chick. If you like stuff like closure, answers or "having balls" you call the girl that you think you're with. They have to answer (if they pick up), and you'll receive whatever closure you're seeking.

  • read some of the stories in my profile and see if they can hep you out...