I am 23 he's 63, please help?

I need real help; and do not want to be judged. I am 23 and a successful business owner. He is 63 separated from his wife , (not divorced) and one of my dad's best friends.

We are now seeing eachother in secrecy. It is killing me , we have not slept together , nor done anything intimate aside from kiss. I have real feelings for him and have attempted to "break up" with him twice regarding the "non divorce" the "drama" and the "whole age difference, dad's friend" thing...

We just can't stop, we have lunch, late night drinks, he even has a obsession with giving me gifts. He never pressured me into anything but is now getting a little obsessive ; saying he loves me , and he even went as far to show up to my house which I share with my parents unexpectedly. That put me in a very awkward position.

I do not know what to do as I like him so much but it is just so wrong ; I know he will return to his wife , I feel that I may just be something to make him feel young again, but then he doesn't pressure me for sex.. its all so confusing. Does anyone have any idea how I can save this disaster from becoming a public disaster , I would really appreciate genuine honest help. Thanks guys
I am 23 he's 63, please help?
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