Did I lose him?

Hey everyone

I recently made a plenty of fish account because I'm a nurse and I work long hours. It's hard to meet people. I ended up not liking the site too much so I deleted my account. Anyways the day before I deleted my account I actually got a message from a guy who holds a masters of science degree. He is decently good looking too and tall. Since I was about to delete my account, I gave him my whatsapp number and we have been chatting for the past few days. He told me about his research and asked me out and we were supposed to meet up today.
I had some issues with my family today and I texted him 3 hours before the date asking for a raincheck. He replied 15 minutes later and just said "not a problem" so I replied and asked him when he would be free next. It has been 14 hours now and he never replied. Did I accidentally give him the impression that I was not interested? What can I do? Did I fuck up?

Did I lose him?
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