Guy has made little effort... is this normal?

So on two occasions now I have noticed a pattern in men.. I have no idea if its because of society now or the modern way of a mans thinking but once a guy think he has you.. he either stops texting all together or barely makes effort when it comes to it. I was talking to him for the first four days and I could not believe how forward he was.. complimented me.. said how he couldn't believe I was single etc.. all the good ones go... that kind of thing. So I messaged yesterday and said do you want to go for that drink you suggested.. he saw it and ignored me.. I think this is really odd.. its like he is playing hard to get and wants to me to chase but I don't see why we can not just be adult enough to be open... what is happening here? ... the guy I was seeing before him was also like this.. once I stopped messaging he came crawling and creeping back to me. I have not once ever gone overboard with messages.. or comtinuosuly messaged them.. its like once I say thank you to them after complimenting me they think that's it I'm won over.. no effort needed now... maybe I am too open... any suggestions?
Guy has made little effort... is this normal?
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