Baby daddy issues?

we live 2200 miles away from each other. i have full custody. he lives with his girlfriend and her child. he was dating her the entire time i was pregnant and after my daughter arrived. thing is I've made the separation clear between him and me. i only want conversations regarding our child, nothing more, yet he seems to be crossing those boundaries. luke he'll tell me things in his personal life, or send me screen shots of the weather and tell me how cold it is. or that his dog died. and when he facetimes our child he'll be in the bath, and make mention of it which is awkward and i think inappropriate. like i get some people are friends and stuff, but i just can't be that with him. yeah i'll make it good for our child, but im not gonna be all butter to him either. any suggestions to get this point across so im not waking up to text from him not regarding or inquiring about his child, but about his life or what he's doing?
Baby daddy issues?
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