Why do you guys talks a lot about sex?

Yesterday I had the 4th date with a guy. We kissed each other in first time on the 3rd. Yesterday he went to my house, we cooked together and we talked a lot, also kissed a lot. While we were kissing, he always stared at my eyes or lips, he never interrupted eye contact. While we were talking, he mentioned a lot about his sexual experiences. He told me everything about it, a lot of things he made with girls, etcetera. Also, sometimes, he told me that we should go in some party and try to date together girls (I am bisexual). He’s a guy that usually doesn’t talk a lot. And of course, he’s a lot self confident. But while we kiss, he continues being respectful, since I told him that I’m not into casual sex. I don’t understand why he needed to tell me so many things about his sex life & the date girls thing. Any suggestions? Why you guys need to talk a lot about previous sex life?
Why do you guys talks a lot about sex?
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