Is this girl playing hard to get? I honestly can't tell?

I (20M) started seeing this girl (19F) last week. We hung out two days in a row and we kissed at the end of the first day. The next day, we went out for dinner and then went somewhere quiet and just cuddled and kissed in my car. There was also a lot of teasing, laughing, joking, etc. She was playing with my hair and we were holding hands, all that stuff. At the end of the night she said we might be able to hang out again the next day as long as she wasn't too busy and said she'd text me to let me know.

Next night, she doesn't follow through and texts me saying she "fell asleep" by accident. Ever since then, she'll randomly ignore my texts, will text me randomly out of nowhere only to stop replying after a few minutes, and whenever I try to make plans she always says "I'll see", or "I'm not sure", "I'll let you know"

It's driving me crazy, but why would she agree to go out with me two nights in a row, as well as kiss and cuddle me the whole time then just act like nothing happened? Most recently I asked her out for Friday but she won't give me an actual answer. She keeps saying she has to work, but she gets out in the evening, isn't sure if she wants to go out after, etc.

She messaged me yesterday saying she had to work Friday, had plans on Saturday, and that she might have to work on Sunday but isn't sure but that she "would like to get back to me". What does "get back to me" mean?

I replied saying I was really busy this weekend and wouldn't be able to hang out anyway but that I'd be available on this day and that day next week. It's been a day and haven't heard from her.
Is this girl playing hard to get? I honestly can't tell?
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