Like Dating Assholes?

Something I have noticed recently, as I have tried to get to know myself better and find a good fit for me concerning partners is, I like dating assholes.

Now, when I say asshole, I don't mean a dick. I don't mean a guy that treats me like shit. Most of my guys would give me the moon if feasible ❤️️ I mean a guy that will tell me the truth, even if it hurts (or is unwanted). I have actually asked boyfriends to tell me if I am getting fat so that I can monitor my health. They also make really coarse, inappropriate jokes. I laugh so fucking hard at a witty racial jokes, or things that are just flat-out honest.

I've tried dating gentlemen and I get... bored. I don't feel like I can truly be myself, which is kind of rough around the edges. They're very sweet and polite... but it always feels like there is this barrier of propriety. I question what they really think—because I KNOW it is not all good, and I don't have all good thoughts either.

Am I fucked up? Is anybody else attracted to assholes?
Yes, I like dating assholes, too.
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No, I'd prefer a partner with grace.
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Like Dating Assholes?
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