Why is he acting so weird?

Ok, so this guy is my best friend and we kissed once, and that was about 3 months before i moved to another country. We Skype often and text each other etc. So last week he texted me every single day to show me funny videos, and of course i was so happy cause i really like him and he asked me if we could Skype on the weekend and i asked him if he could do Saturday at 7pm, and he said he did. On Saturday we were sending each other funny snap pics around 3pm. And at 7pm i asked him if i could call him already, and he said: hahaha no im busy. And i told him: ok haha let me know when your done.
And that was it, he hasn't texted me again and its been a whole week now. What the hell is wrong with that guy?
Why is he acting so weird?
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