He got back together with her?

I have known this guy for 4 years and we have a lot of history together, we stopped talking for 6 months because he got with this girl even though he told me he liked me, but said he didn't want a relationship. (We have been sort of off and on for years, we never had a title tho) Anyway I just saw him a few days ago, he came to my house during nighttime. We were talking and playing around and he kept saying how cute I was and looking at my Instagram saying I look like a model. Then he kept trying to pick me up and put me on his lap and started feeling me up. I told him to stop because I thought he had a girlfriend, he said they broke up. He kept saying he was remembering us in the past. We started making out. I kept asking him if he was going to get back together with his girlfriend, he said no repeatedly. Things got intense and I told him to slow down, which he did. We just cuddled and made out for the rest of the night and he slept over. 2 days past and he texted that they got back together, I sent him a text explaining that next time him and his girlfriend break up to not come running to me and put thoughts into my head that we could become something. He saw the text but didn't reply. He's been watching my snap stories lately, but that's it. Does he even feel bad? Why would he get back together with her, after saying he was done with her and wanted me.
He got back together with her?
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