What does he want from me?

okay, so me and this guy have been talking for a couple of weeks now. he was really sweet over messages and we both seemed to like each other a lot. I met him last weekend and it was great! We watched movies and he held me and kissed me. But since then, things have been off. We don't talk nearly as much, and it's not the same anymore. Here lately I might get 5 messages from him at the most. I was pretty certain he wanted to stop talking. So, I've told him if he doesn't want to, its fine. And he said that he does want to talk to me and that he really likes me. Well I've tried to talk to him but he never responds to me. I know he is at work most of the day, which is fine. But he used to message me during work and after. Now, he's online and I can see he's commented on stuff but he won't talk to me. I brought it up again, saying that it didn't look like we were going to become anything more, and that he doesn't have to message me. That he wouldn't hurt my feelings by it. And he replied that he doesn't want to stop talking to me. So I messaged him back and it's been 3 hours with no reply. I don't want to waste my time on a guy not interested in me. But he's so confusing! Does he want to talk to me, Does he want a relationship like he was suggesting before, or does he not want to talk to me but doesn't know how to turn me down. I've given him two chances now to tell me if he doesn't want to talk anymore. He says he wants to talk to me, so what is it?
What does he want from me?
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