Do Asians only date Asians? My Crush?

I got close with this Chinese girl, and I really felt she liked me and I really liked her too...

She rejected me,

Now I'm not 100% sure if it's the truth, but indirectly I figured she only dates other Chinese guys or at least that's how I feel.

Her ex was Chinese, her new boyfriend is Chinese... Friends are Chinese.

Also She has strict parents, and really wants to please them all the time.

I am really trying not to take it personally but it really sucks. Sometimes I do take it personally, what's wrong with me, maybe if I had been an expert on Asian culture, and won over her parents ( Her parents did just ignored me when I was talking to them).

She is a sweet girl, who doesn't want the world, just a normal guy who loves her. She is not looking for a fit guy, rich guy, even hot, just someone who cares for her.

I love her, and I know she liked me too but I don't know how to feel.

Is it because I'm not Asian? Is it something personal?

I just want to win her heart but it feels impossible, no matter how much I tried.

We are still just friends, but have grown apart lately as I felt kinda jelous she was dating a new guy... So I distanced myself a bit.
Do Asians only date Asians? My Crush?
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