Is it off-putting to a guy if a girl dresses boyish?

Vintage high waist Levi's
Dr. Martens
Black ripped skinny jeans
Oversized vintage sweaters (usually plain and in neutral colors)
Basic boyfiend-fit tees
Also no makeup-other than a barely-there lipstick, and my hair is cut very short.

I also major in art history at an elite art school so I'm often writing, researching or working somehow (so I like to have a comfortable "uniform" going on).

I also do buy certain things from the guy's section, often sweaters (which are better quality and cheaper). I even have this denim jacket and have seen some guys with the same one.

However, for the (rare) night out, I get out the black dress and berry lipstick with flats or heels. As you see, either way I keep things simple.
I do love nail polish, in white, red, blues.

I used to not mind, as it's just my personal look, but now I'm starting to wonder if that's why guys are reluctant to approach me. Some of them look at me, even those that I think are attractive, but they don't say anything. This has happened to me for a while. What do you think?

Also, I'm black, so I don't know if that has influence (and most black girls that I know dress up every day).
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+1 y
If a straight girl dresses this way. I know tyat it makes a difference.
Is it off-putting to a guy if a girl dresses boyish?
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