Im a white woman that keeps meeting unfaithful black men, why do I keep striking out?


I'll trll you this latest story, I came down to toronto for a birthday weekend, I stayed eoth this guy who I have been long distancing with for about 2 months. last night he left at 9pm he said he needs to go pick up something I said okai sure. We were hone early from Niagara Falls i just wanted to chill with him amd watch a movie. He didn't return till 8am this morning. Turns out he went to a party I didn't hear from him all night until like 4am I called and texted him so many times.

When 8am hit I packed my bag and left as soon as I stepped out the door he came out of the elevator in the end he said I have an attotude and that Im ignorant becuase i am upset for him leaving me in his apartment by myself. he got upset becuase I was leaving and that his apartmrnt would be left open he dosnt feel lile he did anything becuase as he said at least I was left on the streets. he kept saying how he dosnt have tome to argue its to early Im just like WTF your the one thats being ignorant you dont see what you dis was wrong. I was up all night worried, angry and ashamed for mot knowing better I should have listened to my gut.

Me and him did sleep rigther which I dont regret rhat I haven't been active for 10 months until now I have only slept with 4 my whole lifw. At first he was the ine thay expressed his interest in me and he was very intense wanted me to commite asap and he pretty much declared love at first sight. we talked everyday but in person he didn't show much affection.

I have a thing for black men but I keep meeting these stupid ones who live up to the stereotype created. I have never been attracted to a white man nor has a white man been attracted to me.

I feel soo crap after this i just feel closed off and guarded even more then I was. I invested time and money and he juat disappointed and stupid very stupid.
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I dont mean to make race a vocal point here its just that all the men I have ever dated which is very few and had very bad experiences with happened to be black. Im not closed off of dating a white man or any other race but I have never had a white guy approach me talk to me more then a friend
Im a white woman that keeps meeting unfaithful black men, why do I keep striking out?
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