Am I just a rebound?

Am I just a rebound? A really good friend of mine was in a long term relationship of 2 years and I've been a really close friend of his since the past 1 year or so while he was in a relationship, but he broke up with his girlfriend around 6 months ago and we got closer ever since then as I would help him through it. It's been 6 months since then and he started to flirt and joke around with me about dating since a while and then a week ago he asked me out and I said yes because I didn't realize that I did have feelings for him. We have a very friendly relationship and he's been incredibly nice so far but I can't help feeling he's still heartbroken over his previous relationship (he broke up with her and they haven't been on good terms since) and I don't want to be a rebound for him and end up getting hurt but I don't know what his intentions are, he's told me we can't be anything serious as he plans to go abroad for university and I agreed but now I don't know if it's a good idea anymore, any advice would be greatly appreciated thankyou
Am I just a rebound?
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