Im 21 and single and have hardly made any progress :(HELP?

And I wish I could be unsingle.

Here's a moment of honesty:

I have had attractive amazingly nice guys come after me... but I keep messing up :( This si my 4th year in school (graduating later because I changed majors) and I still haven't had a boyfriend.

As a result I would date assholes because honestly, they make it SO easy to not be awkwardor worse, because they don't even caret and this is a problem...

Today in the elevator in my dorm this really cute guy was fliritng with me, i told him i was going to hang out in the basement and he showed up later, and I was talking to one of my male friends/acquaintances, and he showed up and I was just so awkward, to the point where he almost literally just walked out after really strained small talk...

This has happened like 3 times before :(

Even one of the most attractive guys in my major liked me would always stare at me and awkwardly I would feel uncomfortable and just look away...

This guy who every girl has a crush on liked me and he was the RA who moved me out of my dorm last year... and when I opened the door he just like litterally stared at me and I turned away and ignored him because it freaked me out..


but I am still single and I've been trying to have a boyfriend since I was 13 and it never has worked, I've turned down guys but I realize Im getting older and I want to be able to have a relationship but not be like so brand new at everything.

:(( I have literally have dated assholes and guys i dont like just because i can actually not be awkward around them, does anyone have advice?

I really think my problem is not staying ccc, but I unfortunately because I was such a chubby dork mess in middle school, virgin, good grades, just ugh I cantt and would freak out if someone liked me. I think I need to realize that I am not that girl anymore and finally become the woman that I know I am who is sexy and fearless.

Has anyone else had this problem? Help :(
Im 21 and single and have hardly made any progress :(HELP?
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