Feeling really up and down after broken heart?

My heart broke about a year ago.

I am in a better place now, but I have hardcore up and downs.

A few days I feel great, I don't care about her at all, I am focused on myself and doing me.

The next day I could just feel so depressed, hurt, crying, saying I love her and just being so down low.

Sometimes I go on a stretch for a few days, weeks, even a month.

I was feeling great for a month, but I saw her... She was hugging and going out with a guy and I just broke down for a few days... crying, heartache, and wishing I could change the past.

Today I feel better, I don't really care...

But I keep cycling and I kinda want it to stop... It can't be healthy.
+1 y
I should say, I see her almost everyday... we work together
Feeling really up and down after broken heart?
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