Why the change?

I have been dating someone for 7 months now and he is so far the best boyfriend I have had. He recently changed his dress code and its a style I don't really like. I have told him about how I feel about his new sense of style but he always disregards my opinion towards it. He also has a beard which I have always found attractive but he also recently decided not to shave and when I keep asking him when he will trim the beard so that it looks neat, he says he will but hasn't done it for a month now. I didn't fall in love with him because of his looks but rather his personality, now I just feel like he is a different person and his dressing style doesn't compliment mine at all. To give you a rough idea, I like the formal and smart casual look. He used to like the casual look but now he has decided to add accessories to the look, beads to be specific. I really do not like the look however I feel like there might be someone who likes his new look and that is why he is disregarding my opinions and carrying on. In conclusion, I find myself not really keen to spend time with him because then all I concentrate on is his new look that I hate but I really miss him and his look before the change. I don't know what to do. Please help me figure this out.
Why the change?
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