If your partner says they need a break 3 times in a month, what would you say to them?

I've been seeing this woman who is 3 years older than me and has 2 kids. We hit it off from the day we met. I made it quite clear at the start that I wasn't planning on anything serious. She asked me if I'd marry a single mother, and I said no. She then started talking about casual sex and romance, and we both agreed. It was really romantic for the first 2 weeks. Then out of no where, she asked me again what my intention is - I said it hasn't changed. She then started talking about her ex husband. When I told her she should do what's best for her, she kicked me out of her house just that suddenly. I ignored her, then she came back to me and said she just needed a break. I didn't say anything to her at the time - she brought be a present and then started making out like nothing had happened. I thought all was good.
She took another break 2 days later for a day, then got back. Again, 2 days later, she started talking about how she's meeting different artists for her upcoming vacations ( 3 different destinations) and staying with them. I said I'd be happy for her who ever she meets - if they're someone she clicks with really well, I'm not going to stop her. Again, she kicked me out and we've been on a break since. This time, when I asked if she still wanted to go for the dance that we had planned, she texted me back with "I'm enjoying my space right now. Have a good night".
I've had it with her. What would you say to someone like this?
I'm thinking of saying, "I think we do better with space. All the best with everything".
If your partner says they need a break 3 times in a month, what would you say to them?
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