If a girl blocks you, you don't attempt to call her (creepy guy)?

I blocked this creepy older guy because he was just getting to clingy and weird. I had known him since August since then he had mentioned marriage, kids moving in together and constantly tried to get me in a hotel withs him but tried (and failed) to make me by saying it's a spa day or he will pay to go on holiday.

He recently after doing me a favour was emotionally blackmailing me and felt I was basically his girlfriend now.
He read some private documents in my house I told him not to touch or read (long story why he had my keys to do with favour)
And was enquiring about males i had around me in my family.

Anyway so before I cut him off he was putting me under pressure to see him and grilling me about times I would be free.

It all got to much and when he called me on private number saying it's "your boyfriend" I just felt he was just being beyond creepy and started to ignore him.
He would ring me everyday and message me i ignored him until I eventually I just blocked him.

This all happened around two weeks ago.

Today I have a phone call from him on private because he's blocked I pick up and he says "what Have I done what have I done' but in a jokey manner. I just hung up.
He phoned back and I ignored it.

Why can't he take the hint? I don't want to be rude but surely if someone blocks u u leave them alone.

We were nothing. nothing sexual ever.

I'm 24 he is 34
If a girl blocks you, you don't attempt to call her (creepy guy)?
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