Why do so many actually praise the app Tinder?

I asked this question a day or two ago


and I'm actually amazed how much women actually praised it. so much that even some of them tried to defend it when I expressed my dislikes towards on that question. I would of thought that women would find that app disgusting and disrespectful do to the stigma it has. seriously do women really feel this sexually liberated or are the ones who praise this app just defending it because they disagree with my personal views on this app? which is obviously that the female users use it to have their little inflated egos stroked by

- seeing how many guys are actually gonna hit on them after they matched

- trying to find that fool who is gonna buy them free food and drinks in exchange for their cunts

- trying to find that other fool who is gonna give them all the status they are desperately fetching
Why do so many actually praise the app Tinder?
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