Two friends are telling me opposite things. Who do I believe?

I'm in college. One of my best friends is a guy named Quinn. I've known him for two years. We both have another guy friend, Juan, who considers both of us to be his best friends as well. Quinn begin dating a girl named Sarah around a year ago and broke up with her after two months because of conflicting schedules. He did it over a text and it was never resolved.. He then dated a different girl for 6 months and they mutually broke up over the summer. At the beginning of the semester I met Juan who thinks he is the same person as Quinn. They are similar, but very different. Recently Quinn met up with his ex, sarah, to go out for coffee and apologize for the way he broke up with her. She told him that she still wanted to date him and he said that he wanted to be single for awhile. Meanwhile, Juan told me that Quinn talks about Sarah all the time and 100% believes that they will get back together. I asked Quinn if this was true and he completely denied it. He said he's talked to Juan once about Sarah and that was it, and that he would never get back together with her. Juan believes the opposite and is telling me that Quinn is lying to me and himself and that he's totally back into Sarah...

Who do I believe?
Two friends are telling me opposite things. Who do I believe?
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