How to get him to call me?

OK so there is this guy that I have been talking to for over a month. He always text me first and we have good conversation. But I have asked him like three times now to call me. Like I'll be like I would love to hear your voice and he says he will call me like tomorrow or something. So every time he text me I want to say something but I'm to scared to cause I think I might come off pushy or needy. Now he does work a lot but I feel like if a guy wants to he will take out the time to call you. Guys and Girls how do I get him to call me?


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  • You could try drop dialling him? Or if you're brave enough, don't wait for him to call you, call him yourself :) he may or may not answer, if he does, you'll be able to tell what kind of mood he's in (whether he wants to talk) and maybe just ''how into you'' he is by the tone of his voice and/or whether he is distracted/able to talk at the time... if he doesn't, he may have a good reason for not being able to take your call or maybe he's just shy? Could be any of those reasons or he could just be doing a ''typical guy'' thing and is playing hard to get! If I were you, I'd try calling him but if he doesn't respond or doesn't get back to you, give him a break and he may get back in touch when he's ready :) if he doesn't, you may want to rethink the situation.

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