Do you think that it is dead to ask her out?

Hello, I would appreciate that you lend me a hand in this situation:

There's a girl in my university that I've been attracted to for a while, and I didn't do any move. She might have been attracted to me in the beginning, I repeat, this is only an assumption; nothing concrete to prove it.

Nevertheless, now that I took so much time she might have friend zoned me and therefore do not see me as a potential partner anymore. I've made up my mind, and believe that it is the right time to ask her out. I didn't ask her out before because I was really unsure about what to do.

However, today it was cold outside. While being in college, she said "It's freezing", and there I told her that " I'll warm you". Thus, I grab her from her shoulder and brought her closer to my body.

Usually, she would have been more excited about this kind of situation, I think. Then, this time she seemed unexpressive, and therefore I believe that asking her out has become useless.

I need to know what you think about that, since I'm having difficulties to figure out what to do.
Mainly I'm having difficulties to figure out if she will accept to go out with me on a date.

Your help is appreciated, and therefore I thank you personally for that.
Do you think that it is dead to ask her out?
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