Is it weird that he doesn't call me?

So here's the deal: I want advice on a guy I've been seeing cos he is totally confusing me! Any advice is appreciated!

So I have been seeing this guy for about 3 or 4 months now and things were going quite well. I met his sister (no friends yet) and me and her got on really well. He used to text or email me at least twice a day, if not more. He pretty much never calls me though. On the weekend his parents came down and he damn near begged me to meet them so I did.

After they had left he sent me a text saying how thankful he was and how much he appreciated me meeting the parents and that he wanted to take me out to say thanks. SO we organized to go out and then he canceled. He did have a decent excuse and was very apologetic, but he didn't reply to my response and then didn't get in contact at all today.

So my questions that I am having difficulty with are:

-is it weird that he doesn't call me?

-is he freaking out because I met his parents? If so, is he freaking out because his parents may not like me?

-am I totally over analyzing things? Should I just accept that he is busy and may not have time to spare?

-if he doesn't have time to spare then what am I doing? Is there much point?

-do you have any advice for me?

Thanks so much (in advance) for your help!


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  • it's weird that he can't call you, but it's odd that he can't explain his actions either...a double negative

    the in-law need to have a face-to-face with him on that...that will be a relationship breaker in that he's still dependent on them

    busy is a good excuse, but it only applies if it's true...being in college, exams or projects are the only excuse...another consideration is personal or family still have to talk to him to figure that out

    time to spare comes down to reality and timing of a relationship...time management


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