How can I start dating?

Ok. I am in a serious slump. I am having a hard time meeting women and dating. I tried everything, Online, restaurants, church, parks, athletic events, college. I have been in relationships and even married but all have been very bad choices for me. I am nice, funny, caring, responsible, and mature. I reside in Shadyside, Ohio which is about 10 minutes from Wheeling, West Virginia. I am 25 and scared I will always be alone. I am close with my family and my family always said they want to see me with a great girl who will love me for me and who I will always be happy with. I wonder at this day and age if that is possible. I work a full time job for Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel. I am Liberal, a Christian, and other things which are not really that important lol. I am 5'9 strawberry blonde hair, average, and many people see me as cute. very lol. I like shooting pool, bowling, I am active with Big Brothers and Sisters, I enjoy computers, traveling, parks, eating at restaurants, church. is there any women on here lol. but seriously since nothing else seems to work, is there any other options. I currently know a girl but she got out of a bad relationship and only wants to be friends. I don't think she even thinks I am her type :( but I am unsure. am I only friendship material? Any help with this matter would be truly appreciated thank you.


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  • Well some women might not be looking for the "nice" guy you seem to be. I personally don't see what wrong with you. I think I'm too young for you but I believe that there is someone out there for everyone. You might just have to look and wait a little longer. Maybe you should stop looking so hard and let a girl come to you.

    • How do I know if a girl comes to me as more than friends? I have a hard time seeing the signs

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    • Ya me too. I actually don't know when the right guy is going to come along for me, but you can't make a woman be something she's not.

    • Yeah it is ok.she went on a date yesterday and really likes the guy

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  • you seem to have a great relationship with your family, that's super sweet.

    focus on other aspects of love in your life, family, parents and siblings! they will get you through this!

    you're not only friendship material, some special girl just needs to look deep enough inside you to realize that you are exactly what she is looking for.

    have faith in yourself and be confident and one day you'll be practically bowled over by her, the one girl that your wait was worth.

    best of luck my friend!

    • Yeah see For the past year and 2 weeks I been on my own for first time an hour and 15 minutes away from family. I spend time with them but mostly I use the time on my own to discover things and learn maturity and responsibility. I want to meet a great girl and in the right place. I am not the type that wants to meet them at a bar or somewhere like that. meeting at a nice church or a friendly social event would be great!

  • No one is only friendship material. One person's best friend is anther's dream come true. You just haven't found the girl who sees you as her dream quite yet. (or maybe you have and just don't know it. The girl you like could end up seeing you as more. :) Or maybe someone who you see around but never really SEE. You never know. ) Good luck!


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