Should I delete him?

This guy I've been talking to online for some weeks and I went on our first date two weeks ago, and I texted him once,

no respond, and now he hasn't talked to me online anymore..and I wrote him one last time on Monday respond..i don't know if he is busy or not ..but I'm tired of it

so should I just delete him? or maybe tell him I'm going to ?


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  • kick him to the curb sister

    • I talked to him thought he


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  • Delete him and move on, for the sake of your self-respect. No one is that busy. He clearly is not interested. Find someone to date who is.

  • ya girl go ahead and delete him like she said he is clearly not interested, there are guys out there that are. I know I have been single for almost 2yrs now and I have went on 3 dates with the same guy in the past 3 days

    • I talked to him...he said he ws sorry that he didn't make it clear last time

      that he is really busy because he has 5 exams coming up.

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