How do you turn off your brain when flirting?

I've been told that I think way too much when it comes to flirting / dating.

i guess it's true because I always question their intentions and come to the conclusion that its safer not to start anything with them. even when I like them and my heart screams "yesyesyesyes!" I always turn them down...

seriously I've missed out on so many great chances because of that, its sad :(

any advice?


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  • I don't understand why you don't go for it if you have feelings for the guy. Have you been reading too much bad advice from magazines?

    • Nope. I just know / heard of some really stupid guys

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    • You question doesn't make any sense then

    • Yes it does. I turned those 5 down

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  • To turn ones brain off one must first become a man XD You seem to have a guilty until proven innocent mindset. I wouldn't say that is completely horrible, but you have to realize, not everyone out there is a horrible monster you must protect yourself from. You know your own limits, you know what you won't stand for, give men more of a chance until they get close to crossing those lines, and if they do, simply, at that time, get rid of them.

    • LOl at the first sentence! that is so true :P for women its probably alcohol & drugs tho? lol jk jk

      well the thing is if I trust them enough to let them get closer I freak out and run away because I fear that I'll "lose control"

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    • Hmm ok makes sense. I'll just need to do something sports or work till I drop. but food? nope, doesn't work for me. actually it's the opposite, I hardly eat anything when I'm sad, but a ton when I'm happy (which is like 364 days of the year :)).

      thankssss for your help!

    • You're welcome=)

  • Keep on thinking. I doubt you've missed anything you wouldn't have regretted.

    There isn't any way to 'turn off' your brain, although some girls resort to alcohol or drugs to suppress thinking for a while. I don't advise that!


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