I don't wanna date him.

Okay so, this guy thinks he's in love with me, and I do not like him at all, and he asked me out 2 days ago and I said I'd think about it so I wouldn't seem rude, he asked me about it and now I don't know what to say to him. and I don't wanna crush his heart.. but I don't wanna date him.


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  • DO NOT, under any circumstances, use the words BROTHER or NICE GUY or I will personally come and hunt you down. Other than that you really have the right to say no. There will be consequences but it will not be your fault. Much worse things happen all the time and they are nobody's fault.

  • just say sorry but I'm not in a time of my life to be in a relationship.

    just wait like a week before you go out with another guy afterwards.

    anything you say will hurt him becasue its no so.

    just use somthing other than I just want to be friends.


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