Never texts me first. Does he really like me?

we have not seen each other since we first met (he has asked me to hang out but I had work he didn't seem to mind)

and when we're on the phone and he tells me things about himself he contradicts himself for example:

him:i don't really like being on the phone

reality: he wanted to stay on all night "to show me he could out last me"but when I told him if he wanted to go he could, he told me if he wanted to he would've made up an excuse.

him.people tell me to call them all the time and I don't

reality:whenever I tell him to call me within an hour of me texting it I get a call

him:oh I guess I call you because I have nothing better to do

reality:whenever we speak he's playing basketball(alone), he has no blue-tooth so it has to be uncomfortable to hold the phone to his ear ,and its not like I'm making him call me when he's playing when he first called he was home

the point is he never texts first but always seems happy to talk to me and genuinely interested in me (my likes,dislikes) and he only calls if I tell him too.its been about a day now since I texted him should I just wait for him to text me?does it seem like he likes me?.


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  • Yes, he likes you.


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