Why does someone you are sort of dating stop talking to you?

I have been seeing this guy that I have been friends with in the past and things have been getting more and more like a relationship. He has been coming around a lot and calling or texting me everyday. For the most part I had been keeping a "safe" distance with him.

The other day I texted him and asked him why he didn't come over. He didn't respond. I let it go but then yesterday I sent a message and asked if I was going to see him and he didn't respond again so I waited a while and then tried to call and texted him some more. I got nothing. I was concerned so I asked him to let me know he was OK and I would stop bugging him. I got no response.

This morning I stopped at his house and asked him why he was ignoring me and he said he wasn't. That his friend was being a jerk and he didn't want him to answer me. He was being his usual self then and being nice to me. He told me to wake up and I said I am awake and I am going to go get my coffee and go to work. Then I got up and left.

So now I still haven't heard from him today and I have not called or texted him. Usually he would have texted or talked on the phone with me a dozen times already.

I don't understand it. Can someone help me out here?

We've seen each other almost everyday for about 1.5 months now except the past 2 days-Nothing. When we both work we can only see each other for a short time. We have different shifts. He brings me coffee almost every morning...


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  • Guys are weird sometimes when it comes to texting. That's why when I'm in a relationship, or starting one, I go easy with it. Sometimes they don't text back like girls because they don't see a need to. I wouldn't wait by your phone, or hold my breath. Let him text you back. He will eventually.