What does it mean when a guy you like says "I wish we could date"?

we have hooked up. he knows I'm completely in love with him and he says he wishes we could date but he doesn't want anyone to know we talk. he a jock and I'm not. is he afraid to commit based on what his friends would think?


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  • True love, doesn't worry about the repercussions of being together.

    - He's trying to hide the fact that you both talk; most likely because what you both have done is illegal and he doesn't want to go to jail.

    He's probably hiding something and you should probably move on.

    Men do not typically say "I wish we could date"; unless you are their best friend where they want to date you but you don't want to date them. Which is why your question resembles a very large red-flag of why not to pursue this man further.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Ya you have a point. its just I have fallen for him hard and don't want to let him go

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    • No thanks tho. advice helps

    • My pleasure :) Take care.

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  • I was in this exact situation and I was like oh its secretive so romantic blah blah blah...

    WRONG! you only end up getting hurt more... the labels should mean nothnig..if he likes you he likes you and he shouldnt be afraid ti show it... I would ditch him.

    • Ya I know that's probs what I should do but I just can't seem to bring myself to do it

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    • Very true. ugh why does being a teenager have to be so hard!?!?! unfortunatly my prom is coming up this weekend and hell be there with some little slut. what fun. :'(

    • Take advantage of being a teenageger.. that's what everyone always tells me so I decided to pass that along....

      take this time to be able to go with your friends or who ever you go with and show him that you can have a blast without him..... don't pay attention to him..if he talks to you you can talk to him but other wise you don't need him show him it about you not him

  • he means what he said. he wishes that he could but most likely it won't happen because he needs to keep up his social status which comes down to, he doesn't like you that much as horrible as that sounds

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