Why does my bestfriend cry over this one guy?

There is this guy that my best friend was dating and they broke up because he was cheating on her. And now he is trying to be all sweet , and I am trying to tell her it is all an act and he is just trying to win her back. But she thinks differently, she thinks he is acting so sweet and nice to be true because he actually loves her. And now she is crying over him. One minute she loves him the next she doesn't But then of course she asks him back out and he says yes so now they are going out but she is still crying because again one minute she wants to break up with him, then next she wants to be with him because he said " Your the best girlfriend in the whole world" to her, but seriously I know it's an act because they have went out so many time before and he has cheated on her every single stinking time they have went out but she keeps falling for him ughh it drives me crazy! So please all the advice is appreciated.why does she cry over this one guy? thanks for your help and advice! [=


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  • Girls will be girls; and I'm sure you can agree with me here. We all do silly things sometimes. We tend to follow our hearts and ignore our brain. Your friend is obviously infatuated with this guy. I doubt it's love because she's questioning whether or not she should be with. If he's cheated on her countless times, I think you should really tell her to leave him. She's only hurting herself. Maybe she feels as if she has to stay with him to feel wanted. is it hard for her to meet other men?

    I myself sometimes sit and cry over a particular guy, it's what we do as women. we're weak and we love easily.

    He's obviously playing her for a fool. He's out there doing what he wants, when he wants because he knows he can run back to her. He's lucky if you ask me. He goes out and has all this fun and then she's there sitting and waiting for him to come around. she deserves better and as her best friend you should tell her this.

    It's hard being in love. But I doubt she's in love. love is sometimes blind but not when it comes to someone cheating on you. that's just disgusting.

    Try talking to her. Let her know how you feel. Tell her that you hate seeing her cry and being this way. I have a lot of girlfriends that put me in the position. They cry over the same guy over and over yet they refuse to walk away. It's to the point right now where it's annoying and I've decided to just let them be and not talk about that part of their lives with me. If it bothers you that much and she isn't willing to help herself, then just close yourself out of her personal relationships. Maybe then she'll see how much it bothers you and how much you really care and maybe she'll make changes.

    Time heals all wounds. she'll come to realize it herself that he isn't worth it. You have to let everyone make their own mistakes. I know it hurts but there's really nothing more you can do except for talking to her.

    I hope I helped a little.


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  • Maybe she's in denial. Usually, love blinds us all and makes us believe what we don't want to believe, what we refuse to believe. What your friend needs is to find another guy the complete opposite of that jerk. Good luck!


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  • Because she is unable to think rationally.she is letting her emotions take over which is the main problem with most women. We women are too willing to try to break our necks and save a sinking ship, rather than abandon it. She wants to believe what she wants to believe. She likes this guy and wants things to work out, even though they aren't. IT IS CALLED THINKING WITH YOUR HEART INSTEAD OF YOUR HEAD. I advice you to try again and lay out the fact in a rational manner, but don't hold your breath on it.most likely she is going to continue to be with the guy.so just let her get her heart broken .sometimes its the only way some women will learn a good lesson. However let her know that if she chooses to continue with this guy, you don't want to hear any of the drama that occurs in teh relationship. It is no longer your problem.but still be her friend.