What is his hang up

I have been hanging out with a guy that I have known for a time. We are both attracted to each other and have kind of fooled around a bit. He is really caught up on making sure that there are no strings attached to our relationship. I tell him there are none. I would like there to be but I am trying to respect his space. What is his deal or what is going on with him. I have kinda been out of the dating loop a while.


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  • Well maybe he just wants to be friends with benefits, every guy wants one of them.


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  • Maybe he's scared of getting into a relationship but still wants to get physical cause he is kind of into you or maybe he's just using you, if he specifically told you he wanted no strings attatched then maybe he's being truthful and just using you for his nasty needs. Or try and get him jealous to see if he changes his mind of the no strings attatched deal.

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