Have you dated outside your "type?"

Have you dated people who you deem "too bald", "too fat", "too skinny" or basically someone not who you are looking for physically?

If so, how long did it last? Did you reluctantly give him a chance or did you give him a chance the first time? Were you happy? Or neutral? Or did you question yourself a lot? Please list all details.


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  • i did twice and will never do it again. I reluctantly gave the first guy a chance. I thought okay he's nice, funny, a good friend, so what if he's a little fat and not the hottest guy around. BIIIG MISTAKE. he was a good boyfriend for a little while but a few months into it he started taking me for granted and ended up cheating with this ugly slutty girl so he could hook up.

    the second time, the guy was too fat for me and not really my type but he was sweet and cared about me. won't do that again, he was too insecure and clingy. I gave him a chance the first time he asked me but I grew to regret it

    so no if a guy is not my type I won't waste my time or his. I wouldn't want someone to settle for me so why would I do it to a guy?

    thats why I always laugh when people, usually unattractive guys, say that girls should stop looking for hot guys and date ugly and average guys. been there, done that and they are no better. usually unattractive guys are more insecure and you'd think they'd be happy they got the girl they wanted but they are the ones who have been single for so long that they end up resenting women and take it out on the first girl they get their hands on. so no I will not do that ever again! he has to be cute or better for me to date him!

    • I see what you are saying though. But any guy, good or bad looking, can cheat on you.

      That's the thing with me, an average looking girl asked me out but I'm not interested in her. She's not my "type." I don't think she'll cheat or what not, I just think that I won't love her because I'm not physically attracted to her.

      But a below average girl, I pretty much will not bother with.

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  • My first boyfriend wasn't my type...I regretted it, because he felt way more than I did.

    Went on a date in January, with a guy I met on a dating site, and he kinda was cute. But in the flesh, not what I would go for. But we continued to date, because we got on. And now I have done a stupid, and fallen for him. But he is moving away, and also likes to be alone. From being indifferent about someone, to thinking about them every minute of every day, and crying. I would say it can work. It's taken me till the age of 24 to realise it's mainly 10% attraction and 90% personality. And I am in love for the first time. And it hurts so bad.

    Just get to know people I guess. There is either a connection, or there isn't.

  • Yes I have, we started out as friend but then he grew on me and I started liking him more and more. We stayed together for about two months, I was very happy until my friends started asking me why I was with him and pointing out everything wrong with him... Then being the jerk that I was I broke it off with him and regretted it ever since. But he has an amazing girlfriend now... Lucky bitch. haha


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