Is there a site where there's more real communication than this one?

I'm not talking just about dating/relationship sites. Most political ones are VERY censored and subjects discussed are tightly controlled in reality, even when the site claims to be uncensored.

There is usually a huge hidden agenda in nearly all of them.

Similarly, other relationship sites also have narrow agendas; for example, a lot of them are just internet dating places where the postings are mostly science fiction. There's no real exchange of views permitted.

I'm also seeing more and more people here from outside the United States, and their views are often worlds apart from the commonly accepted viewpoints among US people.

And of course that's almost always a GOOD thing.

Sure we're overrun with ignorant 14 year olds who really don't want to learn anything, but that's what the US is like generally, and a lot of the people my age aren't that much better.

Too many anonymous people and posting allowed of course, where you have NO clue what the person is about...but again, I still don't know of a site where there is overall more communication...


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  • This is an ADVICE forum. Don't forget that. If you're not looking for other dating sites, then don't compare them to this one because that's what this is. I'm not sure what you're even looking for.


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  • Wow! I love it when people post and you can actually hear the snotty bitch voice they would use.( in ref. to the other 2 posts) I didn't know this was a dating site!? I thought this was a site of opinions, like the important ones like, mine. I agree, the site is full of communication. However un interesting and repeated it may be.

  • ...What exactly are you looking for? Political forums, dating site, uhm wut?


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