Dating experience?

Do girls prefer a guy with a lot of experience with dating and relationships? Like the been there done that type? Or is it OK to be like an amateur like new to most of it? Which do you prefer and y?


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  • Try thinking about it this way: if the inexperienced guy comes across as cool, confident, secure, well-dressed, fun and laid back, and the experienced guy comes across as nervous, shy, inhibited, serious, stiff, judgmental etc. (and both types of guys do exist), which do you think will get the most girls? I'll place my bets on the cool inexperienced guy. I'm relatively inexperienced myself, but I'm trying my best to become more attractive and develop those "cool" personality traits and confidence.

    (If a girl asks you about your experience, you can do one of three things: 1) play it off in a funny, flirty way [e.g., "I've been with exactly 1,286.7 women. Only 3 and a half of them were cool with me though."], 2) tell her that you don't "kiss and tell," but you'll share more later, or 3) tell her the truth. Whichever you choose, if you say it with CONFIDENCE, it's always more likely to go over well. You can NEVER control a girl's reaction, but you can ALWAYS control your own sense of self-confidence.)

    My advice to you would be: don't focus on your experience or lack thereof, but focus on getting practice flirting with girls and displaying a more attractive and confident personality. Best of luck.

    • Good answer.

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    • Wow deep thanks for the tip

    • Hey man, thanks so much for Best Answer. Best of luck, and...don't take life TOO seriously, especially dating and dealing with girls. Take some pressure off of yourself and just chill. Just get out there, get some experience little by little, enjoy yourself, and you'll be fine. Every little bit of experience, whether it's a "yes" or "no" from a girl, is good practice. That's how I'm trying to look at it, and so far I'm feeling better : )

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  • Dating experience is overrated; life experience is a requirement.

    I've seen plenty of guys on here that say "i've never had a girlfriend" but they are exactly the types of guys I would recommend women pursue. Then I've also seen the same guys that think the world is a land of butterflies *hits head on desk*

    As long as you understand the world we live in, and who you are, you'll be fine.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • If you are very experienced at dating, that means you are a heart breaker or you have been heartbroken too many times. No, I'm just playing, but it's somewhat true. Being an inexperienced date or boyfriend is not a big deal. Sex, on the other hand, is a different story. As long as you make that woman of yours happy, and you are happy, why should it matter?

    • I mean I could care less about experience but a girl I was with I was with said she wanted dating experience.

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    • Of course, practice makes perfect, but you will need a game plan.

    • Ah, good answer, thanks for explaining.