I like this guy and we have been texting a lot but I'm always the one starting the conversation. How do I get him to text me or even think about me?


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  • Give him a reason to text you back. Here's an example of reasons I would text a girl the following day:

    1) I found her personality refreshing; she was fun to be around

    2) She applied resistance and didn't just explain everything at first.

    3) She wasn't afraid to tell me about herself (But isn't that contradictory to number 2? No.)

    4) We had plans the following day

    5) Being genuinely busy but attractive

    6) Being physically attractive (We all know it, only a few of us accept it)


    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • I have been texting this girl who asked me to her prom, and basically, I text her whenever I can. This is because I really like her, and what started it was her texting me first. So, keep texting him first, and if he's interested in you he'll most certainly start getting the first text out there.


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  • Leave him hanging, like, "I'll tell you tomorrow"

    That will give him incentive to text or call back the next day.

    Be straight up, like, "Text me later"

    I've done that before. It works, good luck (:

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