Is he just not into me?

Well, this guy and I have been talking for a little while on the phone for hours and hours, and suddenly he just stopped, when I would try to call him I either wouldn't get an answer or I would get the old "I'll call you back" which never actually would happen & when I would text him he would send one word replies, before he asked me to hang out but then gave some shady, not-well put together excuse of why he couldn't show up. He claims he's really into me & that he loves my personality, but now he's not talking to me, am I stressing out over nothing or is he just not into me?


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  • What you should ask yourself is whether this treatment is working for you. So, I will tell you that he is not that in to you. But say you want to hold out hope that he is but he has just been busy, or he has problems at home, or any number of excuses. Ask yourself, is this how you want to be treated in the future when he is, again, busy, or he has problems at home, or any other excuse?

    I have been down this path, making up excuses for bad behavior on a guy's part. I found out that even if they kept in touch with me the way they treated me did not get better. I also found out that if I stopped waiting for them and went back out into the dating pool, that I would eventually meet a guy, who no matter what was going on in his life, would call me and would send more than one word replies.

    Best of luck!


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  • Well why not worry about other things and forget about guys? If you are really still under 18, then you have a long way to enjoy yours life. So I encourage you to forget about guys for now cause most guys would just want to get you in bed and dump you. He could be into you but it might only be for awhile. Live your life, life is not all about having a bf/been in a relationship.

    Well sorry however bad/harsh I might have sound.

    Hope it helps in anyway.


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  • He could be over you.. As much as it sucks, it happens a lot. I would lay low and let him text and call you. Let him know you aren't just readily available for him whenever he wants.

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