Guys which would you prefer? A cute face or hot body on a girl?

Would you guys prefer a girl with a cute face and not so much a nice body, or a girl with a hot body and a not so cute looking face?


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  • Well, personality has more to deal with a decision than appearance, assuming she has a good or great personality I would say cute face (sorry to sound/be shallow about this) but there is only a certain amount of acceptability to the body even with a cute face that can only go so far, I mean say she's 3' 500lbs and never worked out or even jogged a little in her life then she could have the cutest face in the world and it won't matter but chunky or alright or whatever body with a cute face is going to do more for me than an extremely hot body and very bad face, sorry but a face is something you really have to like (you're going to be seeing it a lot and chances are its not going to change for the better) bodies can change drastically with a little effort. Though I covered more of the extremes I would have to say that it's more about personality and who they are as a person, if they are a great or decent person than a not so nice body or a not so nice face isn't going to matter a whole lot as long as neither are too bad.


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  • Wow that's a tough question. Can't I have both? lol. From a guys perspective, obviously we would love to have a girl with a cute face. But when we see a body that's not so nice, we think to ourselves, it's only going to get worse once she starts getting older, gets married and has kids. Kind of sad and shallow, but that's what goes through our minds.

    • Do guys think long-term like that for every girl?

    • Not every girl we see. But I would think that any girl that we are interested in dating probably.

    • That sounds true, and it makes me sad, because I've got the most beautiful face and yet the weirdest body..stretch marks, large aerolas. lol

  • No great preferences for me when it comes to a gal, but out of these two it is a Cute face obviously. Cute face is like very pleasant not the hot body.

  • anyone with no teeth.


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  • you can't change a body shape, but you can change the amount. I mean if girl doesn't have hips or nice legs or ass, you're no gonna change anything about that, unless the surgery, which we all know is the dumbest choice to do. But again you can't change the face. If it came to choose between guys, Id choose cute face. I mean that's what I'd be talking to for the rest of my life. Face is the window to personality it's something we remember or think of when that person comes to our mind. I know many guys in their 20's who came to pick a girl to marry and they chose hot body over the cute face. But after the pregnancy she became worse. Face is for love, body is for sex, simply as that.

  • [If I was into girls]

    I'd go with a nice face with a not so nice body, because [if she wants to] she can at least work on her body.

    • That's what I would've said. You can change your body shape (even a nice body can one day be not so nice), but without major plastic surgery your face will stay the same.

  • Not a guy here -- BUT -- I'd go with the cute face.

  • I think it depends on the guy. What he's into. But if a guy is at a bar, I've seen this they always approach the girl with the pretty face and nice body. I've seen a lot of good looking guys with a girl with a pretty face and not so much a nice body. It shouldn't matter what's on the outside , it should be what's on the inside.

  • You can't change a face, but you can change your body. But it shouldnt matter if she is chubby or fat, as long as she is cute with a good personality that's all that should matter.