Need Advice (25 y/o girls is they can, and 25 y/o guys)

Okay so at my work I finally got the Ba**s to ask this girl I like out. She is 24 going 25 that's why I want an older perspective.

So basically I asked her if she wanted to go out for dinner 1 night, she said she was busy this week but she will let me know the following week. Is this a good thing? or is this an excuse? I haven't bothered her since, I said no problem and basically am waiting on her. When I see her I still act like I didn't even ask her. So we still act normal. Just wanted to know if this is a good thing? or bad thing? I've never spoken to an older girl before I'm 22 going 23 so I don't know what to expect, so any pointers would be good too.



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  • Give her a chance. Ask once. She heard you the first time. If someone really likes you they won't forget to tell u. We girls are the same at any age. If we dnt answer thenwe are not interested. Above all, dnt let her see you sweat. Fight the urge of asking again. Dnt avoid her light convo.


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  • aight look, I'm 23, older girls shouldnt be an issue, you have to understand what someone their age wants...if you havea and older brother or sister, sister would be better, ask them for advice. Older women obviously are looking for more mature guys, but they also want something out of the norm. not just the average same old same old, you wanna kinda make them still feel young (no 25 isn't old at all) but you get what I'm saying...take her somewhere fun where you can laugh, have a good time, yet still get to know one another...EX) go karting then ice cream at the go karts(make her feel young) and interactive (ice cream) so you can know one another better...

    anyways, dinner may seem like too much pressure, I mean its a full blown date, try to do something a little less stressfull and interactive...

    also id say wait a little to ask her again, you don't want to seem desperate, obviously let her know you're feelin him but do not advance hard, take it slow...she said she'd get back to you next week so wait it out...then if she doesnt, wait till the next weekend to bring something up, like I said you don't want to seem like ur sweatin her and that you're waiting for her to call and waitin by ur phone, etc...its true when they say girls just wanna have fun...take her somewhere FUN FUN FUN! even dinner can be fun like a dave and busters or something...see what I'm gettin at? anyways I probalby rambled but I hope this helps a little...take it slow - its the turtle that won the race, NOT the rabbit...good luck man

    • Very good advice :). but might I add that I hope you act interested in her if you make small talk but don't get into it or connect then the date might be awkward.