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i have this guy friend that I kissed a couple of months back, I thought that we liked each-other but after the kiss he kinda just freaked and we didn't talk for months. recently we have been seeing each-other a lot and I decided to email him and see if we could be friends again.. when he wrote back he said he was sorry for everything that happened and I thought it was real, so I said I was sorry too but he keeps trying to say that I created an awkwardness and that he doesn't wanna talk about the kiss but es not using those words. do you think that we should?

do you think I should talk to him about what happen ?


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  • don't bring up the past and just move on if you can...the awkwardness exists and it will take time and forgetting to move on...he's not into you if the kiss didn't work however, awkwardness makes it more difficult to salvage a friendship, but you can still try


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