Uh oh I think I sent the wrong message?


I have this new guy friend and we've been texting and skyping for a couple weeks now. He is really sweet and I like talking to him. We often talk hours into the night and up til early in the morning. He says that he likes talking to me and I said the same thing about him. I've told him I think he is a good friend. And I baked and sent him stuff . . . but I do this to all my friends. I think by texting and skyping and sending him stuff . . . he might have gotten the wrong message. I like him as a friend, only as a friend. I value our conversations about existence, God, politics, etc. but I want our relationship to be only platonic. Should I stop texting and skyping? Can I still bake and send him stuff (I love doing this for people/friends)? How to make sure he know we are ONLY friends? Should I not talk to him for hours? How can I get the message across without making it weird between us and my other friends?



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  • I think you sent a lot of conflicted messages... talking for hours, sending cookies... texting nonstop... Well, as long as you didn't flirt at all or tease him at all I can see it coming off both ways, so as long as you didn't do that you might be ok. Just drop hints like "you're a good friend"

  • You tell him that you only see him as a good friend, nothing more.


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