What does it mean if a guy doesn't text after the first date?

so we went to the movies saw a scary movie

it was fine he put his arm around me .and after

we talk and before I left he said we should do this again//

so I don't know if he's waiting for me or what?

its been 4 days since we went on the date//


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  • You do not say how long ago this date was.

    • Not sure how far in advance he asked you out for the first date, but he could be one of those guys who calls a few days before the weekend to ask you out again. Do you see him in school or around the neighborhood? Did he text you and call you before the first date and now he isn't doing any of that? In other words, is he acting differently than he did before the first date?

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    • Usually if you were texting and then someone stops the line of communication, it is their polite way of saying they are no longer interested. Don't take it personal, a whole bunch of things could be going on. All I can say is every time I wonder whether a guy is in to me or not, I think back to guys that were in to me and how they acted. Guys that are in to you would not drop communication for 4 days. They would find a way to contact you.

    • Alright . thanks for your advice :)