What's your most embarrassing or funny dating story?

Here's mine: So I went to dinner with this guy, had a lovely time. Great conversation, got on well, happy days. Went back to his and ended up spending the night there. In the morning I woke up earlier than him as I had to get up to go to a lecture. Whilst he was still sleeping I got up and ready, went to bathroom did my business, pulled the flush, it didn't flush. Tried again, didn't work. This is where I panicked slightly, I thought I can't leave a floater in his toilet, he'll think I'm horrible so I got a plastic bag and scooped it out into the bag to dispose of later somewhere else. As I was leaving, I thought it would be nice to leave a note, saying I enjoyed it and it would be nice to see each other again, so I wrote a little message and left it on the table. I left the house, the door clicked shut behind me, I took two steps down the road and realised accompanying the note, I had left the bag of shit. I never heard from him again...
What's your most embarrassing or funny dating story?
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